About Us

Private, Secure Data - it’s in the Priseda DNA

Networks and Services for mission critical platforms

Built upon seasoned leadership driven by a sense of urgency, passion, and an ownership attitude, Priseda is positioned to produce superior results in today’s private cloud industry.

Embracing Digital

Priseda deploys the latest and greatest platforms, including a robust collection of private satellites to make sure you’re connected, when you need it the most.

Engineers Around the World

Priseda employs engineers from all over the United States. With offices in all four corners of the states, there’s no region we can’t touch.

Cross-Platform Data

We offer seamless integration into other networks/public clouds. We have hundreds of direct connects, allowing you to connect to services sometimes required by an organization.

Our Core Backbone

Priseda has a national core network built to sustain data center outages, power outages, regional disasters, server and database outages as well as carrier link outages with no loss of data or service. It is called a Private Digital Network and supports Private, Hybrid and Personal Cloud Services. The Diagram to the right, depicts various forms of cloud services models, all of which can be integrated into the Private Digital Network.

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Let us deliver you a private cloud solution that is far beyond broadband.